Conversation Culture

We are a totally non-profit operation and depend entire on community support.

There are currently three ways to support us:

Open Collective

The best way to support Conversation Culture is through Open Collective.

Open collective is a way to regularly contribute to a not-for-profit initiative in such a way that it is transparent where all donations are going to. It makes it easier to remain accountable to the community.

Click here to visit our Open Collective page and become a supporter.

Paypal (debit / credit cards also accepted)

An easy way to provide a one-time donation is through PayPal. If you do not have a paypal account it is also possible to enter Debit / Credit card details here to give a donation.

Click here to donate to my paypal

Here you will be donating to my personal Paypal account. It won't be obvious to me that you are supporting conversation culture. Please send me an email letting me know you would like these funds to be directed to Conversation Culture, and I will assign them to our Open Collective (otherwise they will go towards my personal work).

It is also possible to contribute reoccuring donations through here.


If you are a fan of cryptocurrency and want 100% of your donation to reach us, there is also the crypto option.

Details below:


My Bitcoin (BTC) Address


My Ethereum (ETH) Address

Both of these options will be transferring cryptocurrency to my personal wallet. If you donate through here, please send me an email and let me know. This way I will know to allocate the funds towards Conversation Culture rather than my personal work.

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