Conversation Culture

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So this Tuesday, a number of us enjoyed a rather engaging conversation, not limited by any topic or scope. Since it went so well, I thought we'd do it again.

(Also, it's easier for me to make these events since I don't have to write up a description and compile resources)

The only rule is to follow the fun criterion.

Maybe I could tell you guys about what this tweet means?

Derek Sivers puts it like this: before doing anything, ask yourself the question "hell yeah, or no?"

Konmari talks about the japanese idea of "tokimeki", which has been translated to "spark joy"

Well, the point is, the purpose of this conversation is simply to have fun.

Bring along any interesting questions or conversation topics, or just spontaneously come as you are.

I want to have these every second week, since they are easy to make and all...

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