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The discussion question for this week was suggested by one of our members.

This week's event will be a special one, suggested by our member Tania.

Usually, the rule is that the event title is a question, but we're making an exception.

In this event, we will talk about for the better or worse how our memories from school condition / shape us for the rest of our lives.

Some questions to consider for discussion (courtesy of Tania)

* What are your earliest memories of attending kindergarten and primary school?
* What did you like or enjoy most about your primary school days? Was there anything you specifically disliked?
* Which school did you go to - a public school, a private school, a religious school, a country school, single-sex school?
* What memories do you have about the other students, the teachers, the school facilities, the curriculum?
* Do you have any thoughts about the changes to education that have occurred over time?
* What after-school curricular activities did you get involved in? Sport, Music, Sewing, Dancing.
* Were you a good student? In which subjects - English, Maths, Art & Crafts, Social Studies, Sport.
* Did you ever get bullied, or see someone get bullied? What about rivalry?
* What do you remember about learning to read and write at school?
* What do you remember about learning maths at school?
* Do you remember going on any excursions with your classmates?
* Do you have any memories about the classroom layout?
* Do you remember any dyslexia/autism etc. back then, or other students who struggled to learn to read and write?
* Any other memories?

(If anyone has any more relevant materials please post them in the comments section)

We will use this to spark interesting conversation but we are free to talk about whatever we wish.

Come talk about philosophy, science, politics, culture and what you believe the problems of the world are.

Feel free to bring your own discussion topics and questions to the group.

- What makes life worth living?
- What is right and wrong?
- How do we best run society?
- What does it mean to make cultural progress?
- What are biggest problems in the world and how do we fix them?
- How do we know what's true?

These are the kinds of questions we love to discuss. If you have any suggestions or requests, please leave a comment!

This is a weekly event held at Molly Malone's Irish Tavern at Central every Monday at 6pm.

See you there!

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