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Happy new year!!!!!!

Welcome to 2022 everyone, I hope you've all had a Merry Christmas and a great start to the year.

We are going to get the ball rolling!

I was planning on continuing in-person events but have decided to postpone it with our current coronavirus situation.

Instead, we will be continuing on Zoom.

I've also changed our weekly zoom meeting time inspired by this podcast on the importance of sleep:

We will be meeting at 10am every Sunday. Starting with this event on the 23rd of January. This time also works well across timezones!


The discussion question for our first conversation of the year will be:

What is consumerism and can it make us happier? What separates healthy happy consumers from unhappy ones?

When we laud or criticise consumerism what precisely is it that we mean? Can we have all the good without any of the bad?

We will use this to spark interesting conversation but we are free to talk about whatever we wish.

Come talk about philosophy, science, politics, culture and what you believe the problems of the world are.

Feel free to bring your own discussion topics and questions to the group.

- What makes life worth living?
- What is right and wrong?
- How do we best run society?
- What does it mean to make cultural progress?
- What are biggest problems in the world and how do we fix them?
- How do we know what's true?

These are the kinds of questions we love to discuss. If you have any suggestions or requests, please leave a comment!

This is a weekly event held online. When the coronavirus situation in Sydney changes we will look to having in-person events.

See you there!

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