Conversation Culture

What's happening

For over a year, our in-person events had to come to a halt and we were having our conversations exclusively. During this time we had some members join from across the world, and from other parts of Australia that wouldn't otherwise been able to join us.

Now that we're back to face-to-face, they haven't been able to join us.

This event is for their benefit, as well as anyone that would like the convenience of joining us from home.

We can resurrect topics from recent events, or discuss whatever is on our minds:

Here's a list of topics we've covered recently:
- What is the role of the government?
- Morality: How should we behave?
- What is the future of work?
- How do we stay informed?
- What is cultural progress
- How do we best do good in the world?
- What does it mean to be rational?
- What is wrong with our education system?

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