Conversation Culture

What's happening

We started the year with an introductions picnic which was a really good time.

Before winter rolls around, it gets too cold, let's have another?

We'll meet up in front of the NSW Art Gallery at 2pm and find a nice shady place to sit. We'll introduce ourselves to one another and break into conversations.

We can revisit topics we've talked about in past events, or bring up whatever we are interested at the time.

Here's a refresher of what we've been talking about in recent events:

- In Defence of Philosophy
- Capitalism: The good, the bad and the ugly
- The Role of the Government
- Morality: How should we behave?
- What is the future of work?
- How do we stay informed?
- What is cultural progress
- How do we best do good in the world?

BYO: Snacks, drinks and topics of conversation

We will be sitting nearby the art gallery. Message me if you think you'll be late and I'll give you my number, will also take a picture of where we are and post it here.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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