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(Sorry for the late notice, this is on in three hours in case anyone is keen)

We meet for a Zoom discussion every Thursday. Every second week we will have a formal topic, and every other we will have a casual conversation / hangout event.

The topic for this event is: Morality (How should we behave?)

Whether we answer this question for ourselves explicitly or not, the way that we behave impacts the people around us, and vice versa.

When we critique the behaviour of others, or create rules or laws to govern human behaviour, can we do this with some sort of solid foundation? Or is it more complicated?

What does it mean to be a good person?
To what degree can moral questions be considered through an objective lens?
What existing frameworks have been proposed?
Is any existing framework sufficient?

How should we behave?

We hope to see you there!
### Resources

Jonathan Haidt on what the moral roots of liberals and conservatives are (20 minutes):

Sam Harris on whether science can answer moral questions (23 minutes)

Julia Galef on How to handle moral disagreements (8 minutes)

An essay I wrote back in 2015 on the question What is Morality:

Examples of what I would consider "good behaviour"

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