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Hey, it's been a while. I hope you've all been well. Let's all hang out over zoom. I'll make another event for us to all process the US election, what it means for us and what it says about our culture-at-large, but let's forget about it and relax for the meantime... or at least try our best to.

Everyone welcome.

You can drop in any time. I'll try to open it up early for anyone that is around and keen to join.

This is really not going to be a formal session.

Imagine it was a game. Not a competitive one but a collaborative one. The winning condition of this session will be all of us having a good time.

(Pretty sure politics is the same thing but with a team of seven billion who hate each others guts.)

Here is a zoom link to the event.

Clicking on it and opening Zoom should be all you need to join:

But... just in case...

Meeting ID:[masked]

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