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We are living in a pandemic. The Coronavirus has the potential to inflict incredible harm to us all and the actions we take can increase or decrease the likelihood of the worst-case scenarios.

Many of us are going into voluntary isolation, it is becoming harder to shop with everyday essentials being sweeped from the shelves, we now have to learn to work from home and many industries are no longer faring at full capacity and a quarantine may even be imminent.

(Just as I was typing this, my room mate is telling me we will be in lock down effective Tuesday)

A spanner has been thrown into our day-to-day lives as we have all been made painfully aware of this state of affairs. What do we do about it? How do we live in a pandemic?

Many challenges have been raised in this time, and this conversation will be all about rising up to them.

> How is everyone doing? Does anyone know anyone that is sick?
> What precautions have everyone been taking? Social distancing, compulsive hand washing, working from home, refraining from hugs and handshakes?
> What problems have these measures caused? How can we adapt? (Is there a way we can distribute food to everyone that doesn't involve crowded grocery stores and racing for pasta?)
> What can we learn from this situation? (Can we become better at collaborating globally? Will our next pandemic be much smoother?)
> Will this lead to long-term changes in our culture? (For example; more businesses are being forced to embrace allowing employees to work-from-home, many of the measures we are taking now would make sense for regular flu season)
> How have everyone you know been reacting to it? How have your attempts to talk about the virus been?

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* My article summing up the coronasituation:
* The rest of the resources are in a list in the above article

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