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The otherwise brilliant Bertrand Russell once sadly remarked:

"The lunatic who believes he is a poached egg is condemned solely on the ground that he is in a minority..."

Do we have the grounds to say that he is wrong?


How do we know things?
How can we claim that what we have is true knowledge?
How can any of our claims really be justified?

This is what Epistemology (the study of knowledge) is about.

We often try to start from first principles, but what are these first principles?

In this conversations we will discuss how we can arrive at truth, how to separate fact and fiction and what our basis is for preferring some theories over others.

For those wanting an introduction into the topic, I have written up a few short pieces:

10 minute YouTube video on Popper's Epistemology and justified belief:


For those wanting to go in depth attempt this sequence:
(beware it will be time consuming)


Have fun and looking forward to seeing you there.

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