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This is a thorny topic, we may end up really in the weeds. In order that we have a fruitful discussion I have posted more resources than usual, I have divided them into 4 broad categories (rightwing viewpoint/leftwing viewpoint / rightwing solutions /leftwing solutions) and strongly encourage that if you have limited time, choose from the resources that conflict with your world-view.

* if you read no one else from this category, read this.

Short Short-Cut
Rubin -

Comment/think/research pieces from broadly rightwing/conservative/libertarian viewpoints

Jo Nova -
James Delingpole -
*The De-Smog Blog -
Dr Tim Ball -
Dr Ian Plimer -
Roger Scruton -
PragerU -

Thinktank associated / research
*Jennifer Marohasy -
Cato -
*Alex Epstein (just google)
*Bjorn Lomborg -
Judith Curry -
Kary Mullis-
Freeman Dyson - (just google)

Comment/think/research pieces from broadly left-wing/green/socialist viewpoints

The article that inspired the topic
* - the comments on this piece are well worth the read if you want a short cut to the topic.

Nature -
*The Gist -
The Conversation -

Science Educators and Entertainers (now you may laugh, but they do a lot of commentary on the subject)
Dr Karl -
*Bill Nye -

*Hey look - its an IDW member Bret Weinstein -

Think Tanks/research
*TAI - Climate of the Nation Report -
*Think tank map -


Solutions proposed from right-wing/conservative/libertarian viewpoints

*Dr Ben Heard -
The -
*Lomborg -

Solutions proposed from from left-wing/green/socialist viewpoints

*Larry Geri -
*Nathanael Johnson (comes to the same conclusion as Dr Heard above) -
*TAI -

Problems with the above paradigms
The righteous mind hypothesis -

Environmentalism is not/should not be synonymous with Climate Change

Why is it a left/right divide? Is it? Is it largely a question of priorities?

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If you have any more resources comment below. Above was by no means an exhaustive list.

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