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JBP is the father figure of the IDW. Many buckos have taken his advice, cleaned up their room, stood up straight with their shoulders back and sorted their lives out.

But JBP is not the only one in the IDW that dishes out advice. Brett and Heather have set themselves the task of fixing millennial dating using evolutionary biology. Ben Shapiro regularly gives life advice in his mailbag section. So should we go to Youtubers and podcasters for life advice? Who gives good advice? Is there anyone that gives crappy advice?

Let's sort the wheat from the chaff of life advice.

(perhaps the latest Q&A is a good start)

Heather and Brett talk dating to Joe Rogan

Ben Shapiro (at about 32min) (critique:


Southern, Molyneux and other firebrand conservatives dish out tips on their channels.

Bettina Arndt has critiqued the advice given by these firebrands, but also gives her own with Independant Man.

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