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What happened to journalism? Is there such a thing as a golden age of news, or has the introduction of the internet just shown the dirt that was always there? Has the internet made it easier or harder to find quality journalism? What is "fake news"?

Are there more bias and "gotcha" or "hit" pieces than ever before? Has Journalism become activism?

Is it right to blame the media for the ever-increasing divides in society? Is there a heightened hysteria? Is this just the death throes of a dying industry? Is there a future for the legacy media?

How does public broadcasting affect the media landscape?


New media
- Quillette
- Tim Pool
- podcasts (Daily Wire, Pod Save America...)
- Conservative/right-wing new media sources (Breitbart, the Blaze, Rebel, Unshackled, Spiked...)
- Leftwing new media (Vox, Vice, Buzzfeed, Slate...)

Fake news

Cathy Newman interview

Public Broadcasting

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